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Our Business Model

Downtown Massage is a mobile massage firm that provides massage therapy services for convention attendees and tourist throughout Florida. 90% of our scheduled massages take place in either our clients’ hotel room or the hotel suite Downtown Massage therapist are lodged in while they are providing massage services to our primary clients. If you are local save yourself the stress of traffic or being late. One of our superior male and female licensed and insured massage therapist will perform a world class massage on you that will leave you feeling like a million bucks!

What our customers are saying

Not only did I feel less stress in my body I was fully stretched, which is pretty hard considering I stretch all the time. I did not think I could be more limber. I think that I will be adding Thai Yoga massage to my weekly routine and I will definitely be going back to Downtown Sports Massage. Thank you Downtown Massage!

  • - Christina - Orlando, Fl

I went to Downtown Massage today to just get a kink out of my neck, but ended up enjoying a wonderful full body massage. Zac was an absolute professional, and his insights to my physiology has motivated me to have a more targeted approach to what I need to focus. I would totally recommend before you begin a workout routine, start with a massage at Downtown Massage. And definitely follow up to keep you on the right track.

  • - Erica - Orlando, Fl

Zac gave me a MUCH needed deep tissue massage last week while i was visiting orlando. he was very professional and helped me to pinpoint my problem areas. He worked on an area that was causing me some harsh pain. Also, some spots I didnt even know were an issue. since then the pain is minimal and I could get to the root of the problem. Best yet, i felt amazing after the massage. He would be my regular massage therapist if that were possible!

  • - Mark - Orlando, Fl

Our Commitment to Trust and Safety

At Downtown Massage we go above and beyond to create a more trusted and reliable experience.


1. What if I have an expired voucher
The paid value of the voucher never expires meaning the purchased price of your voucher is now a coupon and typically the massage recipient will have to pay the difference. However with Downtown Massage If your voucher is expired select the “expired voucher option” and pay the $30 expired voucher fee. Note: 60 minute full body massage is $80 plus gratuity.

2. My appointment was canceled what do I do?
From time to time a therapist will have a life circumstance that causes them to have to reschedule an appointment. If you get a cancellation notice please reschedule at www.downtownmassage.us

3. What if I need to cancel an appointment?
Cancel you appointment anytime by selecting the “cancel” button your email conformation. If you cancelled 24 hours before your appointment reschedule as your convenience. If it was less than 24 hours any deposits will be forfeited.

4. If I purchase two vouchers one for me and one for my husband/wife/friend can we get them redeemed at the same time?
NO! Two people in the same party receiving a massage at the same time is considered a couples massage.

5. How much do I tip?
Restaurant servers typically receive 15% and they just bring out your food and sometimes they can’t even get that right. Our therapist are addressing your PAIN tip accordingly. Avg. $15

6. Can one of your therapist redeem my voucher at my home?
Yes! Select the “redeem voucher (mobile) option

7. I can’t get anyone on the phone…. What should I do?
Email: downtownsportsmassage@gmail.com or text 321-208-5512

8. I would like a female massage therapist but the only one available is not during the times I am. What should I do?
Vouchers do not cover gender specific request and all appointments are based on availability.

9. Do you have male and female therapist?

10. What are your hours